Innokin - iTaste Arachnid

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Innokin - iTaste Arachnid

Innokin - iTaste Arachnid

The iTaste Arachnid mod is a uniquely styled and impressive e-cig mod. It is telescopic and has a lock ring at the bottom to protect against unexpected firing.


1 x Arachnid Mod by Innokin


Input Voltage : 3.2v ~ 4.3v

Positive connector Pin:

The positive connector pin can be adjusted to varying heights.

To adjust the connector pin turn the pin clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-)

Telescopic tube:

To expand or contract the telescopic tube turn it Clockwise (+) and counterclockwise (-). The iTaste ARACHNID supports 18650, 18500, 18350 batteries.

Working current:

This e cigarette working current = 4.2/?R+0.15??if you use a 0.45Ohm atomizer, make sure your battery minimum working current more than 7A 4.2/?0.45+0.15??

Lock and unlock ring:

To unlock and lock the firing button turn the ring counterclockwise (-) or Clockwise (+).

Technical Specifications:

Battery: We recommend using high quality IMR high-drain 18650, 18500, 18350 batteries. (Diameter: 18.3+/-0.2mm, Length: 34.5~66.5mm, Unprotected)

The iTaste ARACHNID cannot use 2 stacked batteries. Input Voltage: 3.2~4.3V


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