About Us

VaperVapour is a Bristol-based E-Cigarette supplier. VaperVapour only stock the most innovative and reliable products on the market to ensure our customers are satisfied with the performance and the value for money of their device.

VaperVapour's director previously worked for the NHS as a Health Psychologist and was responsible for developing and delivering smoking cessation programs throughout Bristol and South Gloucestershire. He worked closely with local companies such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, Axa, EE, and GE Capital. Another aspect of his role involved analysing the latest research and data for stop smoking methods and he became increasingly aware that the most effective way to stop smoking was not offered by the NHS Stop Smoking Services (West, et al, 2014). Since then he has extensively researched electronic cigarettes in terms of safety, effectiveness, reliability, value, design, technical specifications and functionality.

As a result, to ensure clients receive the most effective service, he created VaperVapour to provide a personalised service offering the highest quality products appropriately selected for the customer's needs. All products comply with EU regulations and are safety tested to CE and ROHS standards. Because of this we aim to ensure clients have the best chance of successfully switching to a satisfying, safer, and cheaper alternative. Alternatively you can follow our program for stopping nicotine use for good.

Call us on 0800 774 0400 or use our new user guide to help you find the right product and your most suitable alternative smoking solution.

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