Innokin - iTaste CLK Battery

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The Innokin iTaste CLK is a superb, solid and affordable variable voltage battery with “spinner” voltage setting and pass-through charging. Fantastically functional and simple to use, yet surprisingly powerful, this device is perfect for complete beginners and advanced users alike. The iTaste CLK has threading for 510 and ego threaded atomisers, such as Innokin's iClear16D, iClear16 Dual Coil and Aspires K1 Clearomisers.

iTaste CLK Contents:

1x iTaste CLK Rechargeable battery (800mAh, Passthrough)

Please note this battery is not sold with a Clearomiser or charging cable. You can find a clearomiser by clicking here and you can find a USB to micro USB by clicking here if you do not already have one.


In Built Micro USB Pass Through allows you to charge whilst you vape

Battery Level Indicator

Capacity displayed via red, yellow and green LED lights

Green = Fully Charged Yellow= Half Power Red = Low Power. Please Charge

Large battery capacity:

800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

ON/OFF battery switch

10 second cutoff: If the activation button is held for 10 seconds or longer,the iTasteCLK! Advanced Personal Vaporizer will stop firing until the button is released and pressed again.

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

Will automatically power off when the battery is discharged.



Standby current: 50uA max

Maximum output current: 3.0A

Maximum output wattage: 9.5W

Battery: Built-in 800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery

Charging : 420mA-4.2V max 350 mA

Short Circuit Protection : 0.6 +/-0.2 ohm

How to Use

Press the power button three times in rapid succession to turn on the iTasteCLK!. Once the iTasteCLK! is On hold down the power button to activate the atomizer and vape. When the iTaste CLK! is not in use press the power button three times in succession to power off the iTaste CLK! Always power off the iTasteCLK! when it is not being used, or when it is going to be stored in a pocket, bag or purse.

Innokin - iTaste CLK Battery

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