Scientists Discover The Same Ecig “Toxins” Occur Naturally In Human Breath

Lawmakers like to cite studies that identified trace amounts of toxic compounds in e-cig vapor, but more thorough studies have shown that the vapor is not posing any threat at all. A recent study analysed more than 9,000 clouds of vapour and found no public threat. While there are trace amounts of chemicals present, they are so minor that it couldn’t harm a bystander.

In the case of Los Angeles, the fight to ban e-cigs is almost comical considering the vast amount of research conducted on pollution in their own city. As you might suspect, Los Angeles has a significant amount of air pollution already, thanks to heavy traffic and manufacturing emissions. However, people might be surprised to learn that the human body adds to the air pollution by emitting volatile compounds with each exhaled breath.

So essentially the toxins discovered in ecig vapour just as likely to found in human breath whether the person is exhaling vapour or simply breathing!